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Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Tools used in this guide 

Parts relevant to this guide 

• Phillies #00 Screwdriver (1) 

• iPhone 3G Disolav (1) 

• Small suction cup (1) 

• Spudaer (1) 

Cracked or faulty display? Replacing the glass is somewhat involved but very doable. 

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Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Step 1 - Display 

• Remove the two Phillips #00 screws from the dock- 
connector end of the iPhone. 

• Make sure to keep all the screws organized 
as you are taking the phone apart. They are 
different sizes. 

Step 2 

• Remove the metal handle from the suction cup. It's 
easier and safer to grip the suction cup's base instead 
of the metal handle. 

• Be very careful when opening the iPhone so 
that the cables under the display are not 

• There is a rubber gasket between the silver 
front bezel and black display assembly. A bit 
of force is required in this step to separate 
the iPhone's display assembly. 

• Use a small suction cup near the Home button to gently 
pull up the bottom portion of the iPhone's display 

• If the display assembly is too damaged to 

allow the suction cup to adhere, tape with a 
strong adhesive such as duct tape maybe 

Step 3 

• The display assembly is still connected to 
the iPhone by several cables, so don't try to 
remove it entirely just yet. 

• Rotate the display assembly up until it is at an angle of 
approximately 45 degrees. 

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Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Step 4 

• Continue to hold the display assembly with one hand, 
and use your other hand and a spudger to disconnect 
the black ribbon cable labeled "1." 

• Ribbon cable "1" is connected with a plug style 
connector. The block at the end of the cable is the plug 
which is simply pushed into a socket on the circuit 
board. No other locking mechanism is used. 

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Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Step 6 

• Ribbon cable "3" is held in place by a FPC 
style connector. You must unlock this 
connector before sliding the ribbon cable 
out. The locking mechanism is on the 
opposite side of where the cable is 
inserted - it swivels upwards 90 degrees. 
Use a plastic spudger to lift the locking 

• The FPC locking latch is very delicate and is 
typically a different color than the body of 
the connector, (see the detail image of FPC 
connector open and closed) 


• Slide the ribbon cable out of the connector, and remove 
the display assembly from the iPhone. 

• It's impossible to properly reinsert a ribbon 
into an FPC connector unless the lock is 
disengaged. Make sure the locking latch is 
open when attaching/detaching the cable. 

Step 7 

• Remove the single Phillips #00 screw from the corner 
of the display assembly. 

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Installing iPhone 3G Display 

Step 8 

• Remove the two Phillips #00 screws from the right side 
of the display assembly. 

Step 9 

• Turn the display over, and carefully peel up the thin 
strip of black tape on the edge of the display assembly. 

• Keeping the tape from sticking to itself can 
be tricky. We recommend placing the tape 
on a wax-coated piece of paper (any sticker 
backing will do). 


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